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Max Elliott Anderson

Since signing with me at Hartline signed a six book contract from Chestnut Publishing, a Canadian publisher specializing in books for reluctant readers. The books are: -“Third House on the Left,” “Forest of Fear,” “Midnight Shadows,” “Rail Yard Bandits,” and “The House Next Door,” and the first book, “The Secret Tunnel,” has an late August 2013 release date.  “The Scarecrow” has released at Lighthouse Publishing. His “The Palamino Mystery” is under consideration at Knowonder! Press. His “Sam Cooper Adventure Series” at Port Yonder Press has“ Lost Island Smugglers, Capt Jack’s Treasure”,  River Rampage” and “This Property is Condemned. Port Yonder is also planning to do a collection of his short stories for kids. At Comfort Publishing “Barney and the Runaway”, “When the Lights Go Out,” “Northwoods Poachers,“Newspaper Caper,” The Legend of the White Wolf” and “Terror at Wolf Lake.” Comfort Publishing will release Mysterious Cabin, The Great Cave Caper, and Mischief After Midnight in 2013 plus a new title. He has a short story that is included in a collection by Cec Murphy and Twila beck entitled “I Believe in Healing.” He is a monthly columnist for Book Fun Magazine and for Christian Fiction Online Magazine.

He has published in I Wish Someone Had Told Me That!     64 Successful Children's Authors Give You the Advice They Wish Someone Had Given Them In addition to his film and production work, Max Elliot Anderson has written thirty-five manuscripts for a Christian chapter adventure series for boys ages eight and up. Seven of these books now published, Newspaper Caper, Terror at Wolf Lake, North Woods Poachers, Mountain Cabin Mystery, Big Rig Rustlers, Secret of Abbott's Cave, and Legend of the White Wolf have been published. Max has a tremendous web presence and is a tireless promoter.

Author web site: http://www.maxbooks.9k.com/index_1.html  

His Books for Boys blog: http://booksandboys.blogspot.com is the number one ranked website on books for reluctant reader boys on the web.

David Arp

He was raised in Lubbock, Texas. Not long after graduating from high school he began traveling the world from one drilling rig to the next. Four decades slipped by before he discovered a passion for writing. Seen through the lenses of hindsight, he regrets not listening to his English teachers when he had the chance. Today, he spends every spare moment trying to catch up, one word at a time.


 Betty’s passion for exploring what makes relationships healthy budded in her Montana childhood, grew when God supported her through a failed engagement, and yielded the rich harvest of a subsequent healthy, happy marriage in Oregon. She completed a certificate of Spiritual Direction and later a Master of Arts in Counseling and now weaves that knowledge to encourage couples through stories. Betty’s first contemporary Christian romance, Hope and a Future (2010 Oaktara Publishers), and its sequel, Where Hope Leads, (2012), follow the growth of a widowed marriage counselor who helps everyone around her with their relationships, but struggles with her own.

Betty invites readers to visit her website, www.BettyArrigotti.com


Raquel Byrnes

Since signing with me at Hartline  Just signed a three book contract with Pelican Book Group for her speculative/steampunk series entitled The Blackburn Chrinicles, first book "The Tremblers."  “Secrets at Crescent Point” released 5/22/14 at Pelican Book Group where she already has four books in print: “Purple Knot” 5/29/11 “Ruby Dawn” 1/26/12 and “Bayou Blue,” 8/30/12.  Her “Whispers on Shadow Bay” released January 2013 as the debut novel of her Noble Island Mystery series. A contract has been signed for German language rights on “Ruby Dawn.”

Raquel grew up on military bases along the west coast. Always the new kid, she immersed herself in books and often told stories to break the ice at a new school.  Now a wife and mother Raquel writes Christian Romance/Suspense novels.  Her book Purple Knot is a romance/suspense book with spunk. It's a bout a petite powerhouse named Reyna Cruz who uses her skills a private detective to hunt down her best friend's murderer.  http://www.raquelbyrnesbooks.com/

Bonnie S. Calhoun

Since signing with me at Hartline The first book with Revell for her dystopian series The Stonebraid Chronicles. released Oct 7, 2014 and is entitled Thunder. and the second book in the series, Lightning, will release soon. The Stone Braide Series will be at least three titles. Tremors, the series prequel released August 2014. Abingdon Press published her mystery Cooking the Books and her novella Pieces of the Heart in their new quilting series entitled Stitches of Time. Bonnie won the 2015 Selah Award with Thunder.

She is the Director of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance (CFBA) where she has 200+ member blogs that weekly do blog tours to market the latest in Christian fiction. She is the owner/Publisher of Christian Fiction Online Magazine (CFOM), a monthly 50+ page ezine showcasing the best and brightest of Christian authors and columnists. Bonnie is also the designated Northeast Zone Director for the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), and she won the ACFW Mentor of the Year award in 2011. She has been named "Writer of the Year" at the GPCWC in both 2009 and 2010.  She is the past President of CAN (Christian Authors Network), a member of AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association), and also a member of ITW (International Thriller Writers).

She has mad skills at coding HTML, and website design, and she lives in a log cabin in the woods with fifteen acres and a pond full of bass, though she'd rather buy fish at the grocery store. She share my domain with a husband, a dog, and two cats, all of whom think she’s waitstaff! And she loves to write, but it doesn't make her happy unless there are the three B's...body count, blood, and blowing things up!


Author websites: http://bonniescalhoun.com/    http://christianfictionblogalliance.com/     http://christianfictiononlinemagazine.com/       http://howcanidothat.blogspot.com/  

James R. Callan

Since signing with me at Hartline  Wayside Press imprint of Written World Communications published his mystery written with his daughter Diane Murder aCapella and a second mystery of his own Cleansed by Fire (1/15/12) with Dancing With Bear Communications.

He has a degree in English with an emphasis on writing, but when that did not support a growing family, he returned to graduate school in the field of mathematics.  Upon graduation, he worked as a research mathematician, segueing into computer science.  This eventually led to the formation his own company, with his wife.  Then one day, he realized his children were grown, self-supporting, and he could return to his original love - writing. Along the way, he received grants from the National Science Foundation, NASA, and the Data Processing Management Association.  He has been listed in Who's Who in Computer Science, and Two Thousand Notable Americans. Callan has published two books: one non-fiction book on computers, and a mystery/suspense novel, which appeared in print and audio.  The audio version (by Books in Motion) rose as high as number seven on the publisher's list. Two of his unpublished novels have won contests for novels.



Jenny McLeod Carlisle

Jenny has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil. She met the love of her life as a senior at Bryant, Arkansas and married him in 1976. She accumulated 40 credit hours towards a journalism degree at the University of Arkansas- Little Rock before dedicating her life to helping to raise three children, while working for the State of Arkansas. She serves as vice president of the Arkansas Chapter of  American Christian Fiction Writers and VP of Administration for the local chapter of the American Society for Training and Development. After retiring from the State, she now works as Senior Claims Trainer for Transamerica Employee Benefits in Little Rock. She writes a monthly column for Ouachita Life, distributed to over 10,000 readers in Southwest Arkansas, and has recently shared her personal experience stories at Tales from the South, a live performance venue that is broadcast internationally on public radio.




Tim Champlin  pseudonym of John Michael Champlin,

Since signing with me at Hartline  Tim just signed a contract for traditional western Border Reprisal at Five Star where he also  published a western Cross of GoldThe Secret of Lodestar published at Berkley Publishing now out in large print from Wheeler Publishing. He also just signed to publish Mark Twain: Speaking From the Dead at High Hill Press.  He has published two books with Pill Hill Press, Annie and the Ripper (8/2/10), and Tom Sawyer and the Ghosts of Summer (7/22/10) plus he published a six short story series for Echelon Press, the first of which, Sounding the Reef (3/1/11) is shown above .

Born John Michael Champlin in Fargo, North Dakota. The son of a large animal veterinarian, he grew up in Nebraska, Missouri and Arizona. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State College and earned a Masters degree in English from Peabody College, Nashville. Tim had 28 novels in print from major publishers before coming with Hartline. Two dozen of his articles and short stories were published in regional and national periodicals before he began his career as a Western author with his novel, Summer of the Sioux in 1981. His stories of the American West feature striking historical details, vivid characterization and spectacular scenes. His subjects include lumber schooners sailing the West Coast, early-day wet plate photography, daredevils who thrill crowds with gas balloons and the first parachutes, tong wars in San Francisco's Chinatown, Basque sheepherders and the Penitentes of the Southwest.He is married and the father of three grown children. His hobbies include sailing, tennis and shooting.



Burton W. Cole

Since signing with me at Hartline  Burton has signed a contract at B & H for a middle reader series “Misadventures of Bash and Beamer series” the first title is Bash and the Pirate Pig”. and released 9/1/13. The second title Bash and the Chicken Coop Caper, released 5/1/14. The third, Bash and the Chocolate Milk Cows to release 5/1/15. Bash and the Pirate Pig is also contracted to print in Norweigan. He was a top ten semi-finalist for Christian Retailing’s Best Award and won the 2015 Selah Award for Children’s Book of the Year.

Burton W. Cole is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist who is bearing down fast on his 30th year in journalism. He is an assistant metro editor and humor columnist for a midsize daily newspaper in northeast Ohio. Burt grew up (hatched from the gooney bird, according to one uncle) on 30-acre farm with a couple of brothers, a sister, assorted cats, cows, tractors and dogs, and a slew cousins to keep the pranks interesting and the aunts nervous. These days, he’s a grandpa, a storyteller, and the song leader and occasional trombonist for his church.  He’s collected more than a dozen news and feature writing awards and more than 50 humor writing awards. Burt’s dream is to enter full-time writing ministry, praying that God gives him the words to write – and the heart to hear those words.

Sadie and Sophie Cuffe (pseduonym)

Since signing with me at Hartline  the sisters have signed a contract with Five Star for "Blind Man's Bluff," published “Hard Country” with Amazon Digital services and appeared in an anthology with Oak Tara entitled "I Choose You."

As siblings, Sadie & Sophie Cuffe bring the strength of a living sisterhood to their writing, as well as the spice of differing perspectives on everything from Sophie's Type-A need to exactly follow the recipe, to Sadie’s throwing it in reverse and backing up using mirrors...scary!  "The Girls" have written for Guideposts Magazine, AARP, REV, Horizon Magazine, God’s World Publications, Standard, Front Porch, UGP, DevoZine, Christian Ed, Maine Mountain Digest, and Bangor Daily News (2008 & 2010 Amy Award winner). Their Christian suspense ebook, Arrow That Flies (first in the Blood Brothers in Christ series), released August 15, 2011, and their historical novel, Faith in the Shadows released November 2011, from Desert Breeze Publishing.  They maintain a small farm in downeast Maine's Unorganized Territory and bring Jane-of-all-trades life experiences to their novels, writing squarely to the heart of real women who aren’t all 25-year-old Barbies in lbd’s and heels, but live life to the fullest in jeans and boots.  Some authors are like fireworks -- lots to see and hear - that's not the Cuffe sisters. They're more like fireweed which grows in poor places, but its roots go deep and it steadfastly sends its seeds floating to the winds, quietly reaching around the world. They're glad God blew them in this direction and they touched down in Terry Burns' virtual backyard.

website:  www.cuffesisters.com

Phillipians 1:3-6

Jody Day

Since signing with me at Hartline   has published  "Washout Express" at the Harbourlight imprint of Pelican Books.

Jody Day is an author who looks at life through love-colored glasses. Her passion is inspiring people to live a life that embraces who they are in Jesus Christ. She writes poems, articles, devotionals, and novels from West Texas, where she is President of the Fort Stockton area writers group called Critique Café. She is a member of ACFW and Faithwriters.com. Her poems and articles have appeared in Mature Living, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Christiandevotions.us, and EveryDayPoets.com. She maintains a blog that reflects her desire to encourage others through her writing.


Jim Dyet

Since signing with me at Hartline   Circle Books in England released his golf devotional, Straight Down the Middle, meditations for Golfers (10/16/11)

He is a Theological Consultant, Manuscript Consultant, Conference Speaker and Writing Workshop Leader, Board Member and Mentor of The Jerry Jenkins Christian Writers Guild and a Freelance editor. He was Executive Editor: Accent Publications, 1971-1990, Youth and Adult Editor: Regular Baptist Press, 1990-1995, and Managing Editor: Accent Publications and Scripture Press Publications, divisions of Cook Communications Ministries. In the ministry he has been Senior Pastor, Interim Pastor, Part-time Pastor, Pulpit Supply 1958-present. He a graduate and was Senior Class President at Moody Bible Institute (1957), attended Houghton College, Houghton, NY, BA (1958), Louisiana Baptist University, M.A. (1976) ThD (1978), Graduate studies at Indiana State University and the Denver Seminary

Author website: http://www.jamesdyet.com/   Blog: http://jamesdyet.blogspot.com/


Melissa Fishel

Melissa is the mother of four serious readers and read their books right along with them over the years. While her youngest son was still in second grade, he started to read middle grade books. Melissa searched for reading material he would enjoy at his young age, but without the usual sexual innuendo and strong language popular series books seemed to contain. Taking a variety of college and non-credit courses has opened doors to a mixture of subject material. Melissa has worked with children of all ages through the Girl Scout organization and is looking forward to this new adventure.


Graham Garrison

Since signing with me at Hartline has published Hero Tribute (9/21/09) from Kregel Publications and  Legacy Road ( 4/1/12) the sequel to the first book also from Kregel.

He has published articles in six newspapers and eight magazines, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Americas Civil War, Georgia Physician and Boating World magazine. He has written countless personality profiles and features on topics ranging from college football (as a staff sports reporter) to the medical industry. This is his first venture into book length titles except for a self-published work, Groomed: Wedding Planning and an Engagement from a Grooms Perspective, via iUniverse.

Author's Website:  http://www.shoutlife.com/GrahamGarrison       

Karen Gaus

Karen grew up the fifth daughter in a family of six children. During her childhood, one of her favorite pastimes was to tell adventurous stories to her friends. One day the teacher arrived during an impromptu puppet show and loved it so much she invited her to entertain the whole class. Karen has won several first place and finalist awards including the 18th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards, Inspirational Writers Alive in Houston, Austin Manuscript Contest, and Barclay Literary Competition. She has been a school board member, an ACFW member, and president of her Toastmaster club. She graduated from Asbury College with a degree in Business Management and worked fourteen years as a computer programmer. Karen lives in Texas with her husband of thirty-three years and is mother of two wonderful children, a twenty-four-year-old daughter and a twenty-year-old son. 

Website: www.karengaus.com

Linda Gilden

Since signing with me at Hartline published PERSONALity Perspectives (with co-author Tama Westman) and  Mama was the Queen of Christmas under her own name, both titles from Oak/Tara. She also released the ebook version of her recently printed book Love Notes on your Pillow from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. Called to Write written with Edna Ellison released 3/3/14 from New Hope Publishing

Linda is an experienced writer, speaker, editor, and writing coach. Author of the popular Love Notes series, she is also the author of Mommy Pick-Me-Ups and many ghostwritten books. With hundreds of magazine articles to her credit, Linda Gilden is a prolific writer who loves to share a great story. As a freelance editor and writing coach working with publishers and individuals, she encourages others to make their writing the best it can be. As a member of the CLASS Seminar training staff,  She is a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Christian Writers Fellowship International, American Society of Journalists and Authors, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Christian Authors Network. Her experience also includes directing the CLASS Christian Writers Conference and the Carolina Christian Writers Conference and is a frequent workshop leader at other national conferences. She is Editor of The Encourager, print and web magazine of First Baptist Spartanburg, SC and a staff member of the Christian Communicator Critique Service. A graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature, Linda developed the Get Published Now™ program for new writers. She teaches “Writing to Expand Your Ministry” with Patty Wysong in the Women’s Ministry Programs of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


Linda Glaz

Since signing with me at Hartline has published Christmas Treasures, a collection of Christmas Short Stories with a number of other authors.  Polar Bear Plunge (11/29/11) from White Rose Press and the sequel "Miss Fishfly (7/17/13). She published a tnumber of titles with Heartsong including With Eyes of Love (4/2/13),  Always Abby (5/1/13) The Substitute Bride (8/1/13) Bride by Necessity (6/3/14, The Soldiers Homecoming (10/1/14). The Preacher's New Family (3/1/14). She just signed a contract for her Fear is Louder than Wordsat Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.

As an Air Force veteran with a background in self-defense, soccer, and theater, she's anxious to mix them all in a kettle, stir them well, and see what tales emerge over the edge of the pot. She reviews for an online site and is a preliminary reader for the Wild Rose Press, combining her love of writing with her love of reading. She finds it ironic that she's a nice Christian wife and mom who embroils herself in murder and suspense on the pages of her books. In addition to writing and being one of Terry's clients, Linda is also a Hartline agent.


Jeenie Gordon

Marriage family therapist, two masters degrees, multiple credentials. Published 11 books, one a Gold Medallion nominee, columnist, international speaker, television and radio guest.  Enjoy traveling worldwide, reading, attending/ hosting parties, and walking on the beach. Grew up in California since the age of four.  Lived in three other states previously.  My father was a pastor and I accepted Christ at the age of four. Charter member of my church, began Women’s Ministry and Pioneer Girls. Leader of numerous groups over the years. Currently, Bible study leader.  Divorced many years.  I have one daughter (Ph.D), a grandson (owner of large printing agency in Los Angeles), and granddaughter (starting 3rd year med school).

Mary L. Hamilton

Since signing with me at Hartline  Mary has signed to publish three book "Rusty Knoll Bible Camp"  middle grade series, first book entitled Hear no Evil followed by Speak No Evil and See no Evil with Chalfont House

Mary is a graduate of two Long Ridge Writers Group courses and a member of ACFW. She has been published in several Christian periodicals, and wrote a Christmas play titled “Homespun Angel.” Mary spent her childhood and teen years living at a Christian youth camp much like the setting for her story. She has served in her church’s youth ministry as leader of a support group for students dealing with emotional pain, and mission trip sponsor. She also hosts small group Bible studies and pancake suppers for teens in her home. Mary won third place at the 2013 Blue Ridge Writing Conference for middle grade fiction.  

Author website: http://www.maryhamiltonbooks.com/

Deborah Dee Harper

Since signing with me at Hartline Deb has signed to publish a six short story series with Echelon Press and has a contract on her novel Misstep from Oak Tara. The book Laramie on the Lam is a print compilation of all six short books.

After spending 24 years working in the administrative offices of a Michigan school district, Deborah took an early retirement to write fulltime. She now resides with her daughter and Air Force son-in-law and since moving in with them, has lived on three different Air Force bases Eielson AFB just south of Fairbanks, Alaska; Columbus AFB in Columbus, Mississippi; and currently on Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, Alaska. Deborah has authored two newspaper columns and several feature articles, and been published many times both online and in print including essays, greeting cards, devotionals, and stories in anthologies such as Chicken Soup. Her novel manuscript, Misstep, was a finalist in the 2009 Operation First Novel contest sponsored by the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild and Tyndale Publishing House. She's a graduate of the Apprentice, Journeyman, and Craftsman Courses of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild.

She maintains a blog at www.deborahdeetales.blogspot.com .

Suzanne Hartmann

Since signing with me at Hartline  Suzanne has published the first of a three book series, first book entitled Peril (11/18/11) followed by Conspiracy (2/26/14) with Oak/Tara Fiction Group

Suzanne's love of the written word has fueled her writing journey, which began with a B.A. in Composition and Linguistics. She changed career directions first to become a paralegal, and again eight years later, when she felt God's call to stay at home with her children.  She has homeschooled her three children since 1997. Four of her short stories have been published in a reading workbook for Milliken Publishing and she has created two social studies curricula for young children and two preschool curricula. In 2006, she switched gears and began writing novels Christian suspense with a NASCAR twist. PERIL is her first book, and her current work-in-progress is a romantic suspense novel entitled MARITAL FICTION.

Douglas Hirt

Since signing with me at Hartline  has a contract from Five Star on “Bone Digger set to release 2/18/15

He was born in Illinois, but heeding Horace Greeley's admonition to "Go west, young man", he headed to New Mexico at eighteen. Doug earned a Bachelor's degree from the College of Santa Fe and a Masters of Science degree from Eastern New Mexico University. During this time he spent several summers living in a tent in the desert near Carlsbad, New Mexico, conducting biological baseline surveys for the Department of Energy. Doug drew heavily from this "desert life" when writing his first novel, DEVIL'S WIND. In 1991 Doug's novel, A PASSAGE OF SEASONS, won the Colorado Authors' League Top Hand Award. His 1998 book, BRANDISH, and 1999 DEADWOOD, were finalists for the SPUR award given by the Western Writers of America and has 34 novels in print. A short story writer, and the author of twenty-nine novels and one book of non fiction, Doug now makes his home in Colorado Springs with his wife Kathy and their two children, Rebecca and Derick. When not writing or traveling to research his novels, Doug enjoys collecting and restoring old English sports cars. 

Deborah Howard

Deborah’s background as a hospice nurse gave her intimate, first-hand glimpses into pain and suffering, making her an ideal candidate to “come alongside” others with encouragement, sensitivity, compassion and sound biblical instruction. Her books are designed to help as people seek to answer, “Where is God in all of this?” Her books include Sunsets: Reflections for Life’s Final Journey, It’s Not Fair! with Dr. Wayne Mack, and Where is God in All of This? A participating author in the Living in a Fallen World series, she’s written Help! Someone I Love has Cancer, and Help! Someone I Love has Alzheimers. Scheduled for release in 2014 is Help! I’m So Lonely. Her fiction work includes The Cordelia Chronicles, a three-book historical fiction series beginning with As Snow before a Summer Sun. Deborah lives outside Little Rock, Arkansas where she works as a writer and editor.


Jean and Mary James

Since signing with me at Hartline  Mary and Jean have published Sparrow Alone On The House Top (8/24/11) with 4RV Press and contracted "Sea Red, Sea Blue" at Harbourlight Press imprint of Pelican Books.

Jean and Mary have co-written five suspense novels (HELL IS NAKED, A KISS CAN HIDE TWO FACES, THE INCONSTANT CHAMELEON, SPARROW ALONE ON THE HOUSETOP, and PARADISE PLAYS SAVAGE) and one nonfiction book (BE STILL . . . I AM GOD). The latter was co-written with author, Frank James. Mary and Jean also have a number of articles published in periodicals and are presently working on a music-themed novel trilogy.  Before becoming a full time writer JEAN JAMES collected live mammals and reptiles for US and foreign distribution and live venomous snakes for antivenom production, was involved in various wilderness construction and survival projects, and worked as a press agent and song writer. MARY JAMES' life has been one long road show interspersed with TV, radio, and film work. She's also a prolific songwriter, playwright, and the spirited host of Nashville TV show, Mean Mary's CafE© Americana, where she brings music and pertinent  Americana topics to her TV audience. You can find the authors at:

Jameswriters.com               meanmary.com              youtube.com/meanmary80

Terry James

Terry James is author, general editor, and co-author of numerous books on Bible prophecy, hundreds of thousands of which have been sold worldwide. James is a frequent lecturer on the study of end time phenomena, and interviews often with national and international media on topics involving world issues and events as they might relate to Bible prophecy.  He is an active member of the PreTrib Research Center Study Group, a prophecy research think-tank founded by Dr. Tim LaHaye, the co-author of the multi-million selling “Left Behind” series of novels. He is a regular participant in the annual Tulsa mid-America prophecy conference, where he speaks, and holds a Question and Answer series of sessions on current world events as they might relate to Bible prophecy. He is a co-founder of and speaker for “Future Congress” a worldview gathering on issues and events, such as global economic movement toward changed world order.  Terry James has been blind since 1993 due to a degenerative retinal disease (retinitis pigmentosa).

He has written mostly for the Christian market whose publishers include New Leaf Press, Earth’s Final Days, Raging into Apocalypse, The Triumphant Return of Christ, andStorming Toward Armageddon. At Harvest House, The American Apocalypse: Is the United States in Bible prophecy? Foreshadows of Wrath and Redemption, Forewarning, and Foreshocks of Antichrist. At Defender Publishing he published Last-Days Diary, Demonomics, Prophecy Journal: A week by week end times digest of issues and events in the news, CAULDRON: Supernatural implications of the current Middle East, andDo our pets go to Heaven?  At Penguin/Putnam Are You Rapture Ready? Foreword by Tim LaHaye who also wrote the foreword for The Rapture Dialogues: Dark Dimension, at VMI/Musterion Press. A half dozen other titles were published at small houses.

He is partner and general editor in the www.raptureready.com website, a site that is the attraction of national and international media, and was recently rated as the #1 Bible prophecy website on the Internet. The site has received attention from CBS, ABC, NBC, BBC, Time Magazine, The Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, and many other broadcast venues and publications across America, and the world. James writes a weekly column for the site, Nearing Midnight, and contributes in-depth articles on a continuing basis. 


Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an award-winning novelist and freelance journalist for over thirteen years. A graduate of the University of Arizona in Archaeology, Ashley worked across the American southwest following mysteries of the desert, and developing a love of the outdoors. Owner of http://temeculagrapevine.wordpress.com, a southern California entertainment and lifestyle online magazine. Awards include: Winner of White Rose Press’ 2009 Easter Lilies contest with the contemporary redemptive tale, By Another Name; Honorable Mention, San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild, 2010 with the historical fiction novel, All or Nothing.; and Third Place, Erle Stanley Gardner Mystery Writing contest, 2006 with First Crush – short story. Ashley lives in southern California wine country with her husband, two beautiful adopted daughters, and a plethora of pets.

Website:  http://www.ashleyludwig.com

Cheryl Linn Martin

Since signing with me at Hartline  Cheryl has signed to publish a three book series, Hawaiian Detective Series with Comfort Publications- the  titles are Pineapples in Peril, Ukeuleles Undercover, and Menehunes Missing.

Cheryl is a member of Oregon Christian Writers and American Christian Fiction Writers and serves as the ACFW Portland Chapter Vice President. In April 2010 she won the Novel Journey Middle Grade/YA contest for Pineapples in Peril. In May 2010 she became a finalist in the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense.


Dr. Dale McElhinney

Since signing with me at Hartline  Dale has contracted with Oak Tara for a series for middle reader boys  Camp Soaring Eagle Series for Boys and a companion series for girls Camp Mountain Creek Mystery Series for Girls

He is a clinical psychologist in private practice in suburban Philadelphia. A graduate of Houghton College and Fairleigh Dickinson University, he received his doctorate from Hahneman University. In addition to his private practice, he holds workshops and seminars on a variety of mental health issues ranging from child abuse to marriage enrichment. Dale has been involved in children and youth ministries at his church for over twenty years and enjoys speaking at childrens retreats and church ministry conferences. He has been writing children's adventure/mysteries since 1998, based on serial stories he sent to his own children when they were away at summer camp. For the past six years, he has participated in an ongoing writer's critique group mentored by award-winning children's author, Nancy Rue. In that capacity he has been privileged to provide clinical insights into her Sullivan Crisp novels. Dale and his wife, Deborah, have been married for 25 years. They have two children, Shaun and Kaitlyn, who are the inspiration for his children's mysteries. He has also written a number of press releases and articles for the local paper for Kaitlyn's gymnastics team. 

Michael Minot

Since signing with me at Hartline  Mike has signed to publish "The Beckoning - examining the truths that made an atheist attorney believe in God"  10/7/14 at Morgan James Publishing

Mike is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for a mission sending agency called Greater Europe Mission with its international headquarters located in Coloado Springs, Colorado.

Several years after I graduated from law school, I discovered something profound: The strong atheistic views I’d held for so long failed miserably against the strength of God’s truth. My transformation from skeptic to believer didn’t happen instantly. As a young lawyer, I was living the life – money in my pocket and the keys to a new convertible. With a keen desire to socialize, I also consumed sizable amounts of alcohol with friends. But without warning, I was challenged by someone I met years earlier while studying for the Florida bar exam. Though my friend didn’t live near me, we stayed in touch and visited occasionally. Seeing where my life was heading, my friend urged me to read the Scriptures and come to a fresh decision concerning the meaning of my life. I was taken back that my friend would even make this suggestion. The trajectory of my life was going up at a steep angle. Life was great and getting better all the time. Why should I spend the time to consider anything else? In the end, however, I agreed to my friend’s suggestion. I anticipated I’d be calling him back in a short period of time to explain how I remained unpersuaded.  But throughout my many weeks of reading the Scriptures and material on science and philosophy, the truth I uncovered eventually melted my heart of stone. At the end of this process, I told God I wanted everything He offered. I also offered my desire to say “yes” to whatever He wanted me to do.  I entered a whole new life. Following the announcement of my new discoveries, I found myself standing alone. No one in my family or local circle of friends knew what to do with me. A year or so later, I began working with two very different groups of people who struggled with their faith: young adults in the church, and inmates I met through a jail ministry. People in these disparate groups asked some of the same questions I struggled with during my investigation. And like me, they didn’t want simple, trite answers. They longed for a more detailed explanation of the message offered by the Scriptures in light of everything they saw and experienced in life. They bristled when told by some to just believe and not ask questions. To help people process their questions, I’ll soon be offering a new book that explains what I discovered during my initial investigation. The Beckoning will equip readers with answers to the questions of how and why the complex parts of the environment we live in fit together. It also will explore how life doesn’t have to be an unsolvable, frustrating puzzle. God’s truths will be presented in a way so readers don’t just acquire knowledge, but understand the abundant life God offers and how to fully engage in it.

Randall M. Mooney   .

Since signing with me at Hartline has published Robbing God (4/20/09), Prophets and Poets (9/3/09), and WOG Book (11/11/11) from Crossover Publications 

He  is an ordained minister  ministering throughout the Southeastern and Northeastern United States as a featured speaker for churches, Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowships, conferences, and conventions of many different denominations. He has also ministered in Belize, Mexico and Israel. Upon his return to Mississippi in 1987, he and his wife, Deidre, started a construction company called DeRanz (Deidre and Randall) Building Systems, Inc., and started a ministry in downtown Jackson, Mississippi, in one of the worst drug infested areas of the city called, The Rock House. Through their ministry and their construction company they have worked hard to make a difference in the "buckle of the Bible belt." They were also two of the original seventeen people that formed and established a ministry known as "Mission Mississippi" in Jackson. Along with author of The Man in the Mirror, Pat Morley and the now departed Thomas Skinner; this committee of seventeen began a movement which continues across the country promoting racial reconciliation among Christians and the world. Mr. Mooney has now turned his attention to writing professionally. In recent years he has also worked to expand his business interests and has started several other companies in Mississippi. In addition to his construction company he started an internet marketing company called, Creatergy, a graphics division called DeRanz Media and Graphics, a production company called Crossover Publications, a digital music recording studio called Night Song Music, and is currently working to launch a restaurant chain called, Pizza Parade. This Apostle of business and ministry loves God, loves being creative and is determined to use all the gifts God has given him through Christ to the best of his ability.

Author Websites: http://www.crossoverpublications.com/     http://www.deranz.com      http://www.gracestories.ning.com  http://www.creatergy.ning.com        http://www.shoutlife.com/ranz         

Kristin Neva

Kristin Neva lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her husband and their two children. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom and caregiver to her disabled husband, she was an urban youth worker at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission where she wrote and taught Bible lessons, coordinated a tutoring program, and mentored at-risk youth. After her husband was diagnosed with ALS in 2010, she began blogging and speaking to groups on the topics of grief, suffering, and preparing children to face life’s challenges. Kristin enjoys natural beauty and the interconnectedness of the community in which she lives. These have inspired her current writing projects.

Susan Titus Osborn

Susan is the director of the Christian Communicator Manuscript Critique Service where she heads a staff of 16 editors. She has authored over 30 books, her latest being Breaking Invisible Chains, Wounded by Words, and Too Soon to Say Goodbye, co-authored by Jeenie Gordon and Karen Kosman and published by New Hope Publishers. Susan is a member of the CLASSeminars staff, a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA), and Christian Authors Network (CAN). Her past positions include magazine editor and adjunct professor at four Christian colleges. She has spoken extensively across the US at over 150 writers’ conferences and in eight foreign countries. As an author, Susan represents New Hope Publishers. She lives in Fullerton, California, with her husband Dick. They have five grown children, 12 grandkids, and 4 great-grandsons. Susan and her husband enjoy camping, cruises, and attending the theatre.

Kevin Parsons

Published author, speaker and adventurer,  he wrote "Ken Johnson & Roxi the Rocker," an illustrated children's book. He's been published in "Seeking God First," an anthology, and the teaser for his upcoming thriller, ‘Silent Night, Holy War," is available in Writers Bloc III.  He's a motivational speaker, and active in Toastmasters International. and has won numerous contests as well.Has written five books, some published, some not.Kevin and his wife recently finished a "50 states in 50 week" motorcycle tour of the United States and he has finished writing 50 States in 50 Weeks: Easy Rider Revisited .

Vickie Phelps-

Since signing with me at Hartline Vickie has contracted A Season of Miracles at Cross River Media

Has published articles in more than fifty different publications such as War Cry, Byline, Church of God Evangel, Journey, Mature Living, Lutheran Woman Today, Christian Standard and Writers Journal. Vickie is the author of five gift books including 101 Keys for Life, (Barbour Publishing, 2000), May Christ Be the Center of Your Christmas, (Barbour Publishing, 2001, 2004), Star of Wonder, (Barbour Publishing, 2003, 2004), 101 Things to Be Thankful For, (Barbour Publishing 2003), and Simple Pleasures, (Barbour Publishing, 2004). She is coauthor of  Life's Guide to Happiness, (Warner/Faith Words, 2007), and compiler of a perpetual calendar, 365 Treasured Moments for Mothers and Daughters, (Barbour Publishing, 2007). Vickie is coauthor with Jo Huddleston of three e-books, How to Write For the Christian Marketplace, (Booklocker.com, 1999, 2001), Writing 101: A Handbook of Tips and Encouragement for Writers, (Booklocker.com, 2002) and A Christmas Scrapbook, (Booklocker.com, 2004). Vickie has contributed to six anthologies including, Season's of a Woman's Heart, (Starburst Publishers, 1999), Writer's Journal Guide to the Writing Life, (Writer's Journal Books, 2000), Best of the Proverbs 31 Ministry, (Proverbs 31 Ministry), God's Little Rule Book, (Starburst Publishers, 2000), A Cup of Comfort Cookbook, (Adams Media, 2002), and For Better or For Worse, (Christian Publications, 2004).

Author's website:  http://www.shoutlife.com/scribblervickie

Trish Porter

Since signing with me at Hartline Trish has published Rekindle Your Dreams from Bridge Logos which released February 2010  to coincide with the Olympic games.

 Trish  was on the 1988 U.S. Olympic team in the high jump and was a two times U.S. Olympian in the 10,000 meters. She retired from competing because of a neck injury. Two children Connor, 10, and Shannon, 6, and eleven years later she rekindled her dream and is competing on the masters National and International level. She is the current world record holder, 5ft 9 1/2 in, for the high jump age 40-44 years.  She has broken her own world record four times. She is the reigning World Masters Champion for indoors and two times outdoors and has won the U.S. National Masters Championships six times in a row.  One of her strengths is working with the media and generating publicity via television, newspaper and/or radio. She has a B.S. from University of Oregon. She has had an article published on CBN.Com and in MomSense Magazine which was then selected to represent MomSense in the Woman Inspirational category for CTI's 50th Anniversary Celebration. She was a contributor to The Olympian E-Newsletter Magazine, and the book But Lord I was Happy Shallow by Marita Littauer. She also endorsed Standing Up for Your Child without Stepping on Toes by Focus on the Family author, Vicki Caruana.

Website:  http://www.shoutlife.com/trishporter

Jan K Potter

For the past billion years, I’ve been writing and rewriting my first YA novel, Diamond Dreams. I finally completed it in 2012, and then the Flying W. Ranch in Colorado Springs, where my heroine resolved her issue, burned to the ground in the Waldo Canyon fire. Back to the drawing . . . make that writing board. In Diamond Dreams, I modeled my quirky main character’s character after my own, so coming up with crazy antics was relatively easy. My writing credits include magazines Today’s Christian Woman, Moody, Discipleship Journal, Virtue, and many others, compilation books, The AZ Republic, and I co-compiled and co-edited a book of devotionals entitled, 100 Plus Motivational Moments for Writers and Speakers.

 I live in Phoenix with my husband of 45 years, Boots the cat and Coco the dog. We have four daughters, three sons-in-law, almost twelve grandchildren and one great grandchild.


Frank Roderus

Since signing with me at Hartline has published Rafe: A Tale of Redemption with ThreeSixteen Press and signed a contract  for Hell Creek Cabin and for The Keystone Kid in Kindle and large print at Thorndyke Press.

He wrote his first story, a Western, at age five and says he quite literally has never wanted to do anything else. He is the author of over 300 books and is perhaps best known for his "Carl Heller" series. He has been writing fiction full-time since 1980 and was a newspaper reporter before that. As a journalist, the Colorado Press Association gave him its highest award, the Sweepstakes Award, for the Best News Story of 1980, and the Western Writers of America has twice named him recipient of their prestigious Spur Award. A lifetime member of the American Quarter Horse Association, he is married and currently resides in Florida. Roderus and his wife Magdalena expect to divide their time between Florida and Palawan Island in the Sulu Sea.


Cynthia Roemer

Cynthia has been a free-lance writer since 1988 after earning a B.A. in English/Creative Writing from U of I Springfield. She has over 100 Christian articles and short-stories in print. In October, 2012, she joined ACFW in hopes of fulfilling her dream of writing novels. Her debut novel, Under This Same Sky, was named a finalist in the historical category of the 2014 ACFW Genesis Contest.  


Claire Sanders -

Since signing with me at Hartline her “Shades of Grace” is under contract with Pelican Press. Prism Book group published “Three Gifts” November 2012 where she has also contracted a novel, “The Captive Bird.” She published 2 novellas with Barbour, "Equally Yoked" appeared in the 2011 publication "A Quaker Christmas" and "New Garden's Inspiration" in the 2012 publication "The Quakers of New Garden". Her “Fresh Start”, was published in 2008 by The Wild Rose Press. “Shades of Grace” won second place in the 2007 Golden Pen and third place in the 2009 Dixie Contest. In 2010 she won the inspirational category of the Lone Star writing competition.

After publishing a contemporary romance, Fresh Start, with The Wild Rose Press, Claire gave in to her conscience and turned her talent to inspirational romance. Once the burden of writing to please the masses was eased from her shoulders, Claire unearthed a flood of story ideas that centered around the challenges of living up to Christian ideals. Her current work-in-progress is about a terminally ill man who believes he must ease his way into heaven by seeking forgiveness from those he's wronged.  He sends his nephew to the house of his ex-wife's sister in order to ask her to visit him.  But she is visibly upset by the request and sends a one-line note to the dying man. I never told. The meaning of the enigmatic note and Christ's teaching about forgiveness are revealed as the nephew struggles with his loyalty to his uncle and his love for the young woman. Claire lives in the Houston area with her teenage daughter.   When she's not writing, you can find her working in the garden, walking her two very spoiled dogs, and dreaming of places to travel.

Learn more about Claire at www.clairesandersbooks.com .

Ann Schrock

Since signing with me at Hartline Ann has published New Garden's Crossroads in the Quakers of New Garden (3/1/12) Novella Collection with Barbour Publications.

I have wanted to write since I was in third grade. I earned a degree in agricultural communications from Purdue University in 1985, where my two favorite classes were soil science and creative writing. For 10 years after college I was a full-time news reporter and photographer at small local papers and one farm-oriented weekly here in Indiana.  My husband and I have three children and a full-time farm in northern Indiana where we raise grain, hay, beef cattle and free-range poultry. I have sold a few devotional articles since leaving the newspaper. I am a member of ACFW and enjoy time spent with fellow Hoosier writers.

Alan Sherwood

Since signing with me at Hartline Alan has published Successfully Unemployed with Oak/Tara.

Alan is President of Sherwood Consulting Service, Inc. which serves healthcare, educational, social service, church and other faith based organizations throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain West.  Prior to this, he was President of Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation, where he had served for seven years.  He was State of Nebraska Director for Association of Healthcare Philanthropy, Vice President for Development and Community Relations at Montana's largest hospital in Great Falls; served as Director of Corporate and Foundation Support at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and was Director of Development for a private K-12 school in Napa, California.  He began his development career 25 years ago as Finance Director for his father's gubernatorial campaign in Minnesota. He earned his MBA degree and CFRE while in Wisconsin. He is author of "Planned Giving At Medical Schools:  Implications for All Healthcare Providers" for the Fall 1992 Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Journal and of the award winning article the "Win-Win of Charitable Gift Annuities" for the Spring 2000 Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Journal.  He has spoken at both regional and national conferences for Association of Fundraising Professionals and Association of Healthcare Philanthropy.

Book and show podcasts found at  www.SuccessfullyUnemployed.com  

Greg and Martha Singleton

For more than 30 years, Martha and Greg Singleton have met the challenges of balancing successful professional careers while raising a vibrant, active family. Martha recently retired after 42 years teaching high school journalism. She was named by the University of Texas one of the state’s Top Ten Teachers. Greg has directed marketing focus for client companies. He is president of NextBigStep, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides resources to help people navigate through new life experiences. Together, Martha and Greg creatively share their experiences and insights on family life across the nation at conferences, seminars, and workshops, and for schools, organizations, businesses and churches of various denominations. Authors of Setting Up Stones: A Parent’s Guide to Making Your Home a Place of Worship and Let It Shine: Partnering With God to Raise World Changers, they also co-authored with their daughter and son-in-law a handbook for college freshmen titled Schooled! They live in San Antonio, where their two adult children are also teachers, and their son-in-law works with youth in addition to banking. They also claim undeniably to have THE MOST WONDERFUL grandsons in the world!

Regina Smeltzer -

Since signing with me at Hartline has published  Deadly Decision  with Pelican Book Group, releasing October 31st.

I did not begin seriously writing until a few years ago, Christian based novels with a ghostly edge. Currently I am employed at Francis Marion University as the coordinator of the RN to BSN Program, which I developed.  I am also adjunct faculty with Indiana Wesleyan University teaching on-line Transcultural Nursing, Geriatrics, and Population Health. I am a frequent speaker on health issues, bio-terrorism preparation, and end of life considerations. I was asked a couple of years ago to provide a monthly lesson to a group of retired women at our church. 

Website: http://www.reginasmeltzer.net/

Dave Stevens

Since signing with me at Hartline Dave has published Resurrect, his debut novel to Lion Hudson Publishing in England. The contract for the sequel is in negotiations.

Dave was a Navy Commander and fighter pilot. He served as the Strike Operations Officer for the Persian Gulf when Desert Storm began … his wife is still convinced he started it. He has engineering degrees from Cornell and University of Michigan. While in the Navy, he helped lead the F-18 Super Hornet development program and test flew new fighters. He also patented a Virtual Horizon Altitude Warning System to help pilots avoid vertigo in bad weather. Speaking of vertigo, his book Resurrect is a cross between The Hunt For Red October, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Stephen Hawkings A Brief History of Time.


Ralph Stice

Since signing with me at Hartline Ralph has signed a contract with Life Sentence Publications for Arab Spring, Christian Winter which released from ANEKO Press 1/15/15

Ralph has lived in Islamic communities on three continents as a church-planting missionary and has a special insight into Islam’s role in God’s plan for the world. He worked as a newspaper reporter and editor upon graduation from the University of South Carolina with a B.A. in Journalism, but he left the field to enter the ministry. He later received an M.A. in Missions from Columbia International University to pursue a call to missions.
He then served as a pastor and church planter in his home Washington, D.C. area before journeying with his family of four to Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, where the Stices did church planting among Muslims in the city of Bouaké. They later served among Muslims in the Paris area and in Ankara, Turkey. Ralph’s self-published book, "From 9/11 to 666," was reviewed in Christianity Today, and he did several media appearances about the book, including two appearances on “The Harvest Show” on CBN. He blogs regularly about events in the Islamic world as part of his ministry in Savannah, Ga.



Donn Taylor

Since signing with me at Hartline Donn published Rhapsody in Red (1/1/09) from Moody Press, has contracted The Lazarus File as an ebook and Lightning on a Quiet Night both from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. Also Deadly Additive from Harbourlight books

Donn Taylor has his PhD in English literature (Renaissance), taught literature and history of ideas at two Christian liberal arts colleges, Wayland Baptist University in Texas and Jamestown (ND) College. His novel Rhapsody in Red” published at Moody and has signed with Lighthouse Publishing to bring his earlier title “The Lararus File” (published in 2002 by Panther Creek Press) out as an ebook from. His thriller “Deadly Additive” is under contract at Harbourlight Books but does not have release date yet. He has served as president of the Southwest Conference on Christianity and Literature, chairman of the Renaissance and Renaissance Drama sections of South-Central Modern Language Association, and on the board of South-Central Renaissance Conference. He received National Endowment for the Humanities grants for research at Princeton University and UCLA. He has authored a number of professional papers. His poetry has appeared in journals like Christianity and Literature,The Lamp-Post (Journal of the California C.S. Lewis Society), and Touchstone Literary Journal. Gale Research recently reprinted one of his essays in an anthology of Shakespeare criticism. He has also published articles on foreign policy and other current topics in newspapers such as The Houston Chronicle. He has served as president of Woodland Writers' Guild and is a frequent speaker at nearby writers workshops. He has taught poetry writing at the Glorieta Christian Writers Conference and at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference for many years.  

 Author Website: http://www.donntaylor.com/         


Linda Triska

I grew up a pastor’s daughter and though I had to toe the line and set an example for others, I also had the unique opportunity of meeting many people from different cultures, thus, being exposed to a wide world. As a child, I wrote plays and would produce, cast and star in them. Later, I was all about writing short stories, often disguising my own life within them. Then for a long time, I left creative writing behind going on to college to get a degree in business. I had designs of a corporate career until God changed my course. I am now an ordained minister speaking at churches, ministries, and conferences on the Holy Spirit and finding one’s spiritual gifts to ultimately fulfill God’s destiny. I am the founder and CEO of my own non-profit ministry holding a monthly fellowship in my home and doing outreaches for veterans, seniors and the homeless. Twice I have been named Inspiring Woman of the Year in the CA High Desert. I married my college sweetheart who is now retired and helps me in the ministry. We have a married daughter.


Barbara Warren  

Since signing with me at Hartline Barbara has  published Murder at the Painted Lady  (4/4/11) from Avalon Press,  produced The Gathering Storm  as an ebook with Lighthouse publishing of the Carolinas, and her new cozy mystery Deception to Lighthouse as well for both print and ebook . Her book Dangerous Inheritance is set to release from Love Inspired 3/1/15

Barbara was a long time free-lance editor. Her mystery novel, The Gathering Storm was published in print by Jireh Publishing Company, a small royalty publisher that has since gone out of business. She has numerous writing awards from various conferences 




Dee Yoder

Since signing with me at Hartline Dee contracted for a three book deal with Kregel Publications for her Amish book  The Miting and two more books in the series

Dee Yoder has written an Amish novel The Miting, based on the lives of many of her ex-Amish friends. Her second coming-of-age novel The Powerful Odor of Mendacity is in the editing and revision stage. Dee has written over 80 short stories for the Faithwriters' Weekly Writing Challenge. Several of her entries have received Editor's Choice awards and will be published in upcoming Faithwriters' quarterly anthologies. She volunteers as the writer of the ex-Amish newsletter, Dee's News. Dee has been published in The Evangel, Good Tidings, and The Quill magazines. Her short story "Gonna Be a Mighty Fine Christmas" won second place in The Quill's holiday short story contest. Dee is married and homeschools her teen son. She and her family are actively involved with the Mission to Amish People ministry, and they love to interact with and support the newly ex-Amish who live near them in central Ohio. Her family has unofficially adopted a former Amish young lady as their daughter and sister. Dee earned a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Lee University.

Her online links are:

My Heart's Dee-light blog: http://deeyodersblogspot.blogspot.com/
Profile @ Faithwriters: http://www.faithwriters.com/member-profile.php?id=26676
Mission to Amish People (MAP) http://www.mapministry.org/resources/favorite-links